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The Hot Springs Village Area Chamber of Commerce was joined by the Hot Springs Village Board of Realtors, Hot Springs Village Property Owners' Association, and Cooper Homes, Inc. as the founding coalition of Hot Springs Village Advertising and Promotion. Commission. Since its inception in 2001, there have been major steps taken to bring together a Marketing Plan to promote our Village nationwide to potential visitors and those who may want to make Hot Springs Village their home. After many months of preparation and development, the Chamber of Commerce introduced this official website for Hot Springs Village. The national (and international) awareness we seek to bring to our community has been and will be an ongoing process. The cost of continuing future promotions has created the need to reach out to our community to share in the financial burden. We have already begun to envision the unity that is forming from area commerce and individuals who realize that they will also benefit by being involved with HSV Advertising and Promotion. Commission. Our Mission Statement makes it clear.

Mission Statement

To ensure an adequate flow of funds to continue the operation of the Village with no loss of quality. Improve property values, enhance the quality of life, and provide a safe environment.

As an Hot Springs Village Advertising & Promotion Partner, returns on your investment include: 

  • Our recommendation of your business to visitors
  • Potential growth of your business
  • New jobs created as a result of business growth
  • Diversification of residents and businesses further contributing to a healthy economic environment
  • Quarterly newsletter updating Partners on A & P accomplishments plus noteworthy business and community activities, including summary of real estate activity for Hot Springs Village
  • Listing of all partners, contact information and links to partner websites
  • Feature articles on Partners placed with area media and newsletter
  • Partner decal to display on storefront
  • Gold and Platinum Sponsors- Use of Logo for business advertising
  • Website, local, and national media recognition as being a part of a program that has and will continue to attract new people to the Village
  • Interaction and involvement with a Commission  that will listen to your ideas and suggestions
  • Your business will benefit for years to come through your contributions and support

In Addition To The Founding Coalition,
Here Are The Current Partners to our HSV Advertising & Promotion

* Contributing Partner
Support HSV Advertising & Promotion through a non-monetary donation.
AR Realty Partners dba RE/MAX of Hot Springs Village
(3) Convenient Village Locations; 100 Calella Rd (West ), 1400 Desoto Blvd. (East ), 3901 N. Hwy 7, HSV  71909

Jeff Hollansworth

800-364-9007 (West), 888-828-9478 (East), 888-501-4242 (Hwy 7)

Phone: 501.922.3633
Best of Builders
P. O. Box 8358, Hot Springs Village  71910

Bob & Mary Christians


FAX:  501-922-3063

Phone: 501-922-1586
Bushee Balboa Drive Storage
250 Balboa Dr., Mailing: 1 Mesero Pl, Hot Springs Village  71909

N. L. Bushee

FAX: 501-922-1721

Phone: 501-922-1720
Century 21 H.S.V. Realty
121 Cordoba Center Dr. Ste.100 (P.O. Box 9149, 71910), Hot Springs Village  71910


Jim Bigg

Cheryl Bourland

Fax:  501-624-0685

Phone: 501-922-0900
Toll Free: 800-643-1554
City Plumbing, Heating & Electric, Inc.
318 Third Street, Hot Springs  71913

Fax:  501-623-3202

Phone: 922.3325
Clem, Ray
51 Dedalera Way, Hot Springs Village  71909

Fax: 501-623-9433

Phone: 501-922-5252
Colonial Wines & Spirits *
11601 W Markham St, Suite A, Little Rock  72211
Phone: 501-223-3120
Toll Free: 1-877-600-WINE
Eyecare Specialties
101 Plaza Carmona Place, STE C, Hot Springs Village  71909

Dr(s) Michael & Susan Semmler


Fax:  501-922-6659

Phone: 501-922-5778
First National Bank
P. O. Box 8098, HSV  71910

Sue Harness




Phone: 501.915.9105
Toll Free: 877.669.4101
Forry LLC
3 Duero Lane, Hot Springs Village  71909

Linda Forry

Hot Springs Bank and Trust
400 Ponce DeLeon Dr., Hot Springs Village  71909

Phone: 501-922-6176
Hot Springs Title Company
4409 Hwy 7 North, Suite 5, HSV  71909

Jackie Hitt


Phone: 501.984.6174
Hot Springs Village Chamber of Commerce
P O Box 8575, Hot Springs Village  71910

Lee Ann Branch

Phone: 501.915.9940
Toll Free: 877.915.9940
Hot Springs Village Real Estate
P. O. Box 8639, Hot Springs Village  71910

Kathy Stivers

Phone: 501-623-9433
Toll Free: 800-364-4910
Hot Springs Village Rentals, Inc
121 Cordoba Center Dr. Ste. 200, Hot Springs Village  71909

Cheryl Bourland

Phone: 501-922-2929
Toll Free: 888-331-7368
Hot Springs Village Vacation Rentals
110 Cooper Circle, Hot Springs Village  71909

Shelia Helms

Phone: 501-922-9850
Toll Free: 866-386-6478
Hot Springs Village Voice
P O Box 8508, Hot Springs Village  71910

Bill Elderton, General Manager/Advertising Manager 

Phone: 501.984.6224
HSV Board of Realtors
P O Box 8218, Hot Springs Village  71910 Phone: 501.984.5963
HSV Property Owners Association
895 DeSoto Boulevard, Hot Springs Village  71909

Scott Randall


Phone: 501.922.5530
Ike Eisenhauer Insurance Agency, Inc.
4699 North Hwy 7, Hot Springs Village  71909

State Farm Insurance


Fax:  501-984-4144

Phone: 501-984-4100
Keystone Realty
10 Ponderosa Lane, Suite A, Hot Springs Village  71909

Linda Piette


Phone: 501-922-1196
Last Chance Lakeside Cafe
488 Ponce De Leon, Hot Springs Village  71909 Phone: 501-922-6230
National Park Medical Center
1910 Malvern Ave, Hot Springs  71903

Brian Bell


Phone: 501.321.1000
Pestco, Inc.
2356 N. Hwy 7, Hot Springs  71909

Betty Ann Sample  501-922-1011 (Fax) 501-321-4249

Servicing Hot Springs Village since 1977

Hot Springs Village's Most Selected Pest Control Company

Owned and Operated by Bill and Betty Sample

Since 1977

Phone: 501-922-1011
Petti, Ron & Lynn
9 Sorolla Lane, HSV  71909
Ron & Lynn Petti Phone: 501.922.9435
Regions Financial Corporation
P. O. Box 29000, Hot Springs  71903

Elizabeth Farris, President

Marcie Carmichael, HSV Branch Mgr

696 Desoto Blvd., Hot Springs Village




Phone: 501.922.3706
Toll Free: 800.734.4667
Shoemaker, Robert & Norma
96 San Sebastian Way, HSV  71909

Bob & Norma Shoemaker

Phone: 501.922.3683
St. Joseph's Mercy Medical Center
903 De Soto Blvd, Hot Springs Village  71910


Phone: 501.922.5136
Teen Challenge of Arkansas
P. O. Box 8177, Hot Springs  71910

Tim Culbreth

FAX:  501-624-1773


Phone: 501-624-2446
Terminix, Inc.
5 Ponderosa Way, Mailing: P. O. Box 8910, Little Rock, AR 72219, Hot Springs Village  71909
Fax:  501-922-6133 Phone: 501-922-3585
Village Movers, Inc.
8 Lavanda Place, Hot Springs Village  71909

Michael Downes


Phone: 501-922-3301
Village People's Federal Credit Union
121 DeSoto Ctr Dr, Ste 1 (Mailing: P.O.Box 8316, HSV 71910), HSV  71909

Valerie Powers


Phone: 501.922.1020
Village Villas Vacation Rentals
P O Box 8548, 3560 Hwy. 7 North, HSV  71910

Kurt Hogaboom

Phone: 501.922.0303
Toll Free: 800.738.7368
Contact HSV Advertising and Promotion today to find out how
your involvement will help protect, preserve, and promote Hot Springs Village!

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